Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 3

Scales say down 3 lbs (Okay 209) Have not been 100% faithful so feel very good. Had company for dinner and cards last night. Large salad, roast beef (from BBQ) corn....and the wonderful "King's Hawaiian" Hawaiian Sweet Bread that our neighbor Trudy shipped over from her vacation with her son and family in Hawaii. Oh was only going to take a small taste. 2 slices later said Whoa.
Taking Sour Cream raisin and Lemon Meringue Pie (don't care for either one) to pot luck but a large veggie tray.
Had scramble for breakfast so am on my way.

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The Hartleys said...

3 pounds is a great start!
Be aware that corn doesn't count as a vegetable on phase one (like potatoes and green peas, it's got too high of a glycemic index/starch)

I found a lot easier time staying on track if I did the first two weeks with no real starches/sugars, because as soon as I had some my cravings came back. Maybe you've got stronger willpower than me, though!

Love you!