Sunday, November 25, 2007

Great Weekend

Chris, Patrick and Autumn spent Thanksgiving weekend with us. All had a great time. Thursday morning visited and prepared food, went to the activity room at the park about 1:30pm, 3 tables had been set up for each group, 2 together then one on the end, this let us set 16 at each "table". There were 153 people who attended. Only 2 had volunteered for clean up so Chris, Autumn and I did also. Patrick and Don took our dishes and decorations home (and while we helped clean at the hall they cleaned up all the mess and dishes at home...Great guys we have!!) After we had things done went swimming then played games at home.
Next came "Black Friday" as Chris and I are not real mall crawlers we all decided to go to the Flea Markets. Had breakfast at I Hop then looked and walked till feet gave out. Autumn did find some funky toe socks. Home and turkey sandwiches then Chris, Patrick and Dad checked out the casino while Autumn and I swam. Dinner was at DeBoyz then more games.
Breakfast at the park then time for the Hartley's to leave for home. They had a safe trip and called to say they have snow in the surrounding hills.
Great fresh ground coffee from Old Bisbee Roasters, "La Violeta Costa Rican Tarrazu" try if you want to try a cup.
Took out all my tubs of Christmas decorations Saturday afternoon but the wind came up so did not get the decorating finished.
So all you need for a great weekend is family, food and games.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We are thankful for.......

Primarily we are thankful for our health and the health of our family. So very lucky that Don is doing great and Aaron is improving daily. Now all we have to worry about family wise is who went "SPLAT" and twisted, sprained or bent something. But that is just life as we live it.
We are also thankful for the wonderful children we have and their spouses and the grandchildren. We may not be grand parents in the next town as we were when Chris and Patty were growing up but still enjoy and cherish time with kids and grandkids.
Next to come to mind is all the wonderful friends we have made in Yuma. Daily they want to know who we are doing and what they can do to help Don recover.
Tonight our wonderful neighbor Sandy (who had said about 2pm if we are available for dinner at 5pm she'd put a'nuther tater in the pot...we said yep) then came over and said I know your daughter and family are coming for Thanksgiving. I'll go down to Pat's and stay and they can have my house!! Now can you ask for a more giving, gracious person. We turned her down because they have non refundable hotel room but still the offer is outstanding.
Happy Thanksgiving to you every one.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Don went in to the Yuma Heart Center today and had a stent put in the 90% blockage. All went well, he will come home tomorrow morning. Lots of people say he will feel so much better and do so much more.......any suggestions??? I can hardly keep up with him now! But I am ever so glad they found and were able to correct this.
Hugs and thanks at all who sent their good wishes, hopes, and prayers our way. And a special thanks to Ray and Jimmie Curtis for showing up unannounced to sit and talk with me while I waited.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Don had an angiogram thursday. They found 2 blockages one 100% one 90%. Tried for about an hour to put a stent in, but were not able to. He had to spend the night in the hospital beings the procedure took so long and was so late. Brought him home this morning about 7am. Still very tender but moving around. Have a consult appointment this thursday (11-8) and doctor had said will try to put stent in the area 90% the thursday (11-15) after.

Thursday, November 1, 2007