Friday, June 27, 2008


Sucess.....Don slept all night last night in the bed. Ever since surgery it has been in the recliner or on the couch or a mix of all 3. Last night he started in bed (as he has the last 3 or 4 nights) and was able to stay all night.
He is doing very well, doing the small circular exercise the doctor allowed him. Can drive the car, play cards (but not shuffle). Does get bored but we have went to the casino and gambled, played bingo, met friends for a meal.....
Yesterday we took Pat Shaver and went to Burgers and Beer. Celebrated our neighbor Sandy's birthday.....Only thing is Sandy is only a winter visitor so she was in Iowa.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Don has his shoulder surgery yesterday. Got home about 3:30pm and ate a bit, rested and iced shoulder. It is quite painful (Yes, Jerry he is taking his pain meds on time or even maybe 30 minutes early). Dr. Krishna was very pleased with the surgery and said maybe 80% recovery (over 70% he felt from MRI). Goes back in Monday the 30th for follow up.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Got a call from the Same Day Care center. Don is scheduled to go into surgery Wed 6/18 at noon. They say 45 min surgery and 45 min in recovery then home.
We spent the last 3 days in Laughlan ignoring the future and enjoying life.
Will let you all know how he is doing and things are going tomarrow.
Good wishes and hugs to all

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Schedule for Don's Surgery

Went to Don's ortho (Krishna) this morning. Well he wasn't in so no questions answered. His nurse??/office gal scheduled surgery for 18 June. She said she did not think it would be arthroscopic. We will go to see Dr Krishna on the 10th to get some questions answered (both mine and Dons) like what can he do, how much, and Don's big question "How so can I go back to work".

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don's Shoulder

As most of you know Don fell a couple months ago and hurt his shoulder. MRI showed a tear in the tendon and bone spur. His orthopedist felt exercise and a cortisone shot should help and wanted to see him in a couple months. All was improving until end of April when we went to Laughlin. He got up one morning and could not raise his arm to his waist, when we returned home he called the orthopedist and went in and was told yes you will need surgery but we need a release from you medical and/or cardiologist. Medical doctor was on vacation till 15th, saw him then cardiologist, new stress test, rest test etc and he finally goes back to orthopedist on Thurs. We know he has to be off Plavix for a week so will find out where and when Turs. (Somewhere Don got the idea it would be arthroscopic but yesterday when he was talking to nurse she said she doubted it very much).
I got back Sunday June 1 from a week with Autumn in Bisbee, Chris and Patrick were in Seattle. She had just gotten home about 2pm May 26th from Toronto, Canada and they left Tuesday 27th at 8am to go to airport in Tuscon to fly to Seattle. Autumn and I had lots of fun and I had my first try at was okay and I will try it again (stayed with veg and shrimp, crab).
Today I am going to a Linus Project to help make quilts. It is a group I sewed with this spring and was invited to join the Yuma group.
Will report more after doctor appt. Thursday.