Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What do you love/hate?

Love/Hate with the 5 senses

the SIGHT of the sun rising or setting.
the SMELL of clean line dried sheets on the bed.
the TASTE of a margarita.
the SOUND of the ocean.
the FEEL of the sun on my face.

the SIGHT of plastic bags littering the road sides and fields.
the SMELL of trout/salmon frying.
the TASTE of nothing, does this have anything to do with my weight.
the SOUND of the phone at 2 o'clock in the morning.
the FEEL of I have forgot to do something but not sure what.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Oregon Visit

Arrived back in Yuma about 5:30pm yesterday. Had a very good trip home (Thank You PATTY for the directions, made every highway change with no problem.) Yes I love my new car, it drives like a dream.
A good visit with daughter and family in Oregon. Got to see Dominick play basketball and 2 soccar games. What a guard he is, never saw hand/arms move so fast. Saw parts of 3 of Savannah's gymnastic practice. Really enjoyed all except the vault that she hyperextended her knee and spent the next half hour laying on the mat with ice packs. She was back practicing 2 days later but did not do ALL the things that had hard landing (but most!)
Spent Mothers Day with Patty and family plus Aaron's parents and brother. Nice phone call from Chris and family also.
Had lunch with with 2 aunts and uncles, stopped by and saw another aunt. Did cards and dinner with brother and wife, lunch and shopping with my sister.
But it is nice to be back home (Did miss Don who came home 6 days earlier than I did.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oregon Bound

Monday we head for Oregon for about 2 weeks. Hope to dispose of our motorhome and visit family.