Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rosarito Beach, La Bufadora, & Puerto Nuevo

The bus of travelers from our park arrived back about 4:30pm on Tuesday tired but well filled with shrimp, lobster and Mexican scenery.
We loaded on the bus Sunday and drove to Alpine where we stopped for late breakfast or early lunch. The sun was hidden behind clouds and a heavy mist was falling. By the time we arrived at Rosarito Beach Hotel where we unloaded our luggage. Weather was just a mist so we continued to Puerto Nuevo an area well known for it's lobster. After shopping and drinks we returned to the hotel to find our luggage in our rooms and regrouped as desired for a walk on the beach, drinks and dinner.
Monday found us with sunny 70ish weather. We drove to La Bufadora a sea geyser (It was more impressive for the ones who had not seen the one at Depot Bay Oregon). On to La Cetto, one of the largest winery's in Mexico. This was a full day so after returning ate and retired to our room.
Tuesday loaded on the bus about 10:30am and was taken to an area next to where part of the Titanic was filmed. It is where the locals dock after getting shrimp, lobsters and fish. We purchased what we wished, iced it in the chests and our driver "backed" the bus out about 1/4 mile because the area was so small you could not turn around.
As stated earlier arrived home tired but with lots of memories.

Had a message from Don's doctor Thursday after 5pm that yes there is a problem that showed up on the MRI and he needed to contact the surgeon. Don talked to the surgeons office Friday and the first available appointment for a consult was March 31st. He is planning on calling his own doctor this morning to see if he can find out more information and maybe hurry up the chain of events. He does not like taking pain pills to function.

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