Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Awsome week and it's only Wednesday............

Sunday was in the rec. area and was asked to play darts because they needed one more to make the teams even. I could do no wrong, my partner and I won the badges for the day.
Monday caught the tour bus at 5:45am with 10 others from our park (had 54 women and one man on the bus that were quilters). Went to Los Angles area to see Eleanor Burns author/quilt maker/tv personality "Quilt in a Day". Her shop has material, supplies and books. Shopped, then she gave a seminar on "The Magic Vine" appliqué quilting. Next was lunch and shopping time then another seminar on "Trip Around the world" "strip quilting". She and her staff have outstanding personalities plus many hints on quilting.
Tuesday met in the rec room to do some quilting (as we do almost every Tuesday).
Today went to Mexico early (8:30am) to get some medication for Don. Was on our way out by 9am with no line!!!! Then had the ladies luncheon and fashion show at noon.
Right now Don is having a MRI on his shoulder. Fell on it about 6 weeks ago and it is still bothering him so having it checked out.
Leave next Sunday for Rosarita Beach for 3 days with a bus load from our park. Then us and another couple from the park go to Laughlin the next week for 3 days.

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