Friday, March 7, 2008


Just got back from Laughlin yesterday about noon. Left on Tuesday morning with Ed & Connie Becker (who live in our park but have a home in San Diego).
Had a great time, Ed & Don played a Texas Hole "em Tournament while Connie & I walked the river walk. Well we got all the way from Aquarius to the River Palms and started back when they called to say both were out. Met again at Colorado Belle and had dinner then Connie started to WIN. She had recouped all she had lost by about 8pm....Needless to say it was not the story for the other 3. Did have a great time.
Now in July on Marlyn's birthday we may do another trip (Yes there are not many in the park at that time to take advantage of the free room for a friend)
My Brother and Sister and spouses are to arrive March 15th. Not sure how long each plans to stay, know my bro is talking about a week and has his camper with him, Sis was bringing quads and only week end but not sure if that is still correct.

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