Friday, February 1, 2008


After working most of my life I have been fired for the first time.
Many things have happened in the park the last week that I will not go into. But I worked Thursday (management wants the two parks to run alike in preparation of being one park so people will go back and forth to cross train)morning at Cactus Gardens, the assistant manager said "Are you going to work 4 half days per week" I said "No". About 3:30pm the manager came to my house and said I understand you will not work 4 half days per week. I told him that was correct and so he stated I was no longer needed they would start looking for someone who was available.
Jim and Betty McCollum are to arrive today in our park for 9 days. Roger and Linda Putzler are flying in Wed 6th to do the Yuma Festival (Square Dance. I have a ticket to go to San Diego 18th with other women in the park for a class with Eleanor Burns (Quilting Show on TV). 24th Don and I are going on a bus trip to Rosarito Beach Mexico with others from the park....So now I have more time to play.

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