Thursday, March 20, 2008


Saturday 15th my Brother Jerry and wife Lynda arrived shortly after noon the Sister Melba and husband Jim arrived late afternoon. We played a nice (well boy's won so maybe not nice) game of hand & foot and did lots of visiting. Sunday went to swap meet, lunch at Lute's Casino and Monday in Mexico. Tuesday morning Melba and Jim left to drive to Los Angles and fly out the next morning for Cobo. Jerry had fell over a laddar before leaving home and and was having some pain/stiffness in knee so on Wednesday he and Don did a few things on their camper and Lyndia and I went shopping, looking for a place to color copy a design from her shirt (wanted by a guy who sells shirts at the swap meet in exchange for 2 of his shirts). After lunch Lynda and I went to the pool and enjoyed the sun then all 4 to the club house by 4pm for the Farwell Dinner. Came back to the park model and played cards. Lynda got a phone call her mom was not doing real well so they decided that they would leave Thursday morning and go on to Ft Hood, Texas to take the camp trailer to Troy and now it is Thursday 9am and very quiet.
Later today I am going to the swap meet and take the copy to they guy to get Lynda's 2 shirts (pick up 2 for Melba) and cutting boards for both.
Might even go back to the pool this afternoon.

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