Saturday, February 10, 2007

Let there be SILVER

Well the Newburns and friends went to the Yuma Senior Games....(something like the senior olympics) We thought this would be the year to try something new. Signed up ...really talked this up and got a couple other couples from our park to try it also.
Opening day Don is sick so I go with friends. I had entered bowling pin toss and nail driving. Don hand entered balloon toss. Well I did participate but at least did not take last place. (How does 16 seconds to pound in 3 nails sounded good to me also but 1st place in my age was about 5 seconds. Tim our dear friend from Michigan did quite well. He took gold in baloon toss and medaled in bowling pin also.
Now Don has been doing great in darts at Desert Paradise. Has got the badge at least once and came close many other time. Tim and Darlene have also had the honor of wearing the badge. Everyone does a prelimenary placing round. Well what does that mean (I wondered also) but the 18 women in my age group lined up, I was the last in line by the way they called our names, and each threw 3 darts..four time for a total of 12 throws. Then we wait (They men are also doing the same....and they also wait.) and we wait and we wait. They then call the women 80 + and have them throw, then the 70 to 79, and then 65 to last the 50 to 64 women..That's me. First two women have their game. Then they call me and another women, I won by 2 pts. Then many more throw and they call me, I win by 4 points. Then many other then I win again. Don, Tim, Bruce, Laurie and Darlene have all been elimated in their age groups. Then I am again called. What a suprise I win. By this time Bruce and Laurie have left and Don, Tim and Darlene are sitting rooting me on. Next game I lose then the next I tie so we have a one dart throw off. She throws and gets 11 so I throw and get 9. Oh No that is 2 loses so I am out. Wait they are announcing the medals. What is this....I get second place and a silver medal.
Yeah...good thing I didn't realize how good I was doing till it was over.
Yep guess I will try this again next year.

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The Hartleys said...

WOW! Good job, Mom! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!