Friday, February 16, 2007

Progressive Evening

This Christmas at the gift exchange in the park 3 couples (including us) received a bottle of wine we were not familiar with, so we got together and had a wine tasting party. This was so much fun we thought we would do it again but with each of our favorite wines.
We planned to do this last night but add a twist, 4 pm hors d' oeuvres at the Chuck & Patty Stanges, dinner at Tim & Darlene Kinsey's and cards and desert at our place. This was a great plan until Valentines evening when the park had a wonderful dinner and dance. As we were all visiting someone mentioned the next night......Don and I looked at each other in surprise...yes we had it written down but had not looked at the calender and we both had to work. Well needless to say our desert was not the jelly roll with fresh strawberries I had planned. Don came up with the idea of vanilla ice cream topped with creme de minte. All was a huge success, well maybe a hitch in trying to teach hand and foot after 4 bottles of wine, but we plan on doing it again.

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