Monday, January 29, 2007


Well I have found out this is much harder than when I watched either daughter do it.
Seem to have two going but will hope to have time to get advice to stay on one.

Don did a demo square dance for the Lettuce Days Festival in Yuma a week ago. It was quite a a job after really not calling much for 2 years, and weather from hell. The wind blew the arm off the record. One time it actually picked the record off the turn table a sent it for a spin. I got to hold the speaker down for an hour. All in all the audience seemed to have a good time and the dancers also.
Winds have died and temp. is raising so we are enjoying outside again.

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The Hartleys said...

We currently have about 5 inches of ice pellets on the ground.

Not snow... Little round pellets of ice, that act for all the world like frozen bean-bag stuffing! It's crazy! It's a bit better now that they've melted and re-frozen several times. You can at least walk on top of them, rather than sinking into them up to your shins, but it was weird for the first day or two!