Saturday, September 6, 2008

Low of 79

No that is not my golf score. Just the weather forecast for tomorrow. It is so nice to have the door open and fresh air. When you get up and it is 81 inside (with air set at 80) and 85 outside you don't get much fresh air.
Going to the pool at 8:45am, a group of us meet most mornings between 9 and 10 to "exercise".
Working on plans for trip to Las Vegas Oct 16 to 19 with both daughters, have tickets to two shows. Also on vacation to Hawaii (Big Island) Nov 4 to 11, have an island tour 5th, thought this would be a good way to see highlights and then we know where we want to spend more time during the rest of the week.
"Snowbirds" are starting to return so life will be much busier for the next 6 plus months.

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