Friday, October 19, 2007

Should have got my teaching certificate.....Or A Friday that is turning into a Monday.

Well this Friday has turned into a Monday. It is the last day for the lady I job share with (Cyndi), and the one who I job shared with 2 years ago (Patty) has been here a week trying to get caught up on the changes etc. Last night Patty's daughter in Michigan had a brain aneurysm and she will be flying out tomorrow. I told her I could cover 2 weeks full time to see what happens. So this is where I am job wise. We have no hosts to help after hours or week ends yet. Was told we would have one come in this week end....guess who that leaves to train the lady in the office. So far in the last 3 years I have trained 4 people and 3 have been my bosses (I don't want full time so keep getting to train whom ever is willing to work full time to be my "boss").
Otherwise it is great in Yuma. Has been in the low/mid 90's and cools down to mid 60-70 at night. Oh we have had one baby sidewinder found in the park. One scorpion (I was the lucky one who spotted it last night at dusk while Don & I were walking)and one Sun Spider which is poison's, Yes Patty I still enjoy the sunshine!!!!!!!!

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