Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Life is Wonderful

Spent last week end in Bisbee, Az. seeing oldest daughter and family's new home and helping take out some LARGE juniper that blocked views from both living room and bedroom. (OHHH SO NICE not sidewinders or scorpions found in them.) Nice house that hosts many birds in yard (yes we saw a Cardinal in yard and the first one we had ever seen was in their home in Mass)
In the last month have seen both daughters and family plus my brother and sister. This is really better than we did when we lived much closer to them in Oregon.
Snowbirds (and friends) are returning to the park in Yuma. Went out with about 15 to dinner last night, have a couple over tonight for dinner. Yes winter season has started.

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cindi said...

Hello Aunt Marilyn,

I just got the address for your blog. I hope that you and Uncle Don are doing well. I would love to get any information I can get from you to be able to contact Chris. I miss being able to be in contact with her.

Have a great day,

Cindi Jones