Saturday, August 15, 2009

Life goes on

I try to enjoy every day to the fullest. This is why we retired, started traveling and settled in sunny Yuma but every once in awhile something hits you up side the head and says "remember to stop and smell the roses, give hugs to everyone you love". This week has been a cruel reminder.
A dear friend from Washington/Yuma left last May to return for the summer to their home in Washington. We just received word last week multiple myeloma has struck. Prognosis is non aggressive treatment 2-3 years, aggressive treatment 5-6 years. He has not made the choice yet but is leaning to aggressive, that means at least 6 months before he will be able to travel so we will tough out the winter season with out him and his wife and hope, pray etc that they will be able to return in 2010-2011 season.
Also a friend who stays full time has been diagnosed with 3rd recurrence of cancer in the neck. She has been doing testing etc for over 4 months. Her original doctor was struck with cancer and had to terminate his practice. About 3 weeks ago they did surgery to insert a stomach feeding tube and pic in anticipation of her not being able to eat when radiation on the neck and chemo was started. She was in much pain and discovered there was an infection in the feeding tube, then after another week or so discovered the tube was not in her stomach. Had surgery again this week to place it correctly. Hopefully she can finally start her chemo and radiation after a follow up in a week.
Then another resident had back surgery a couple years ago. Had much pain after a fall this winter so they removed the metal in her back. Well with in a week or so was still in pain so they did MRI and discovered two additional vertebrates that were bad. Now it is back to Tuscan this next week for surgery and at least 3 months in a brace.
I am so very blessed that I'm just fat and sassy.
I started volunteering this week at the Sanguinetti House Museum here in Yuma. Love Oregon history and was quite knowledgeable so have to start from ground zero on Yuma history (and AZ).

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