Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yuma Weather

Was reminded that I had not update this since May. Only excuse is I have been on Facebook lately and not kept this up.
First of June went to Oregon to surprise daughter Patty on her 40th birthday. Did get to visit some square dance friends and family.
Fourth of July week end Chris and family came over and spent the week end. They now call Yuma "The Frying Pan".
This afternoon we left about 4pm to have dinner about 1 mi from here. To the southwest it looked like a fire with all the smoke. At 4:30pm when we left the restaurant we had the radio on and the dj was doing a remote from a car lot in downtown Yuma. He said we are asking you NOT to come down here. We are having 70mph winds and blowing dust. It started raining on the way home but just poured for about 5 min. By 5pm we were having weather warnings of 5 yes I said FIVE miles per hour on the freeway because of 70 mph winds and blowing dust with visibility 1/2 block. They actually suggested you pull over, keep lights on and foot on brake to have brake lights.
Well we are just going to stay in park and IF it clears and still has lightening watch the show.

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