Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well spent an hour this morning and I can not figure out how I got the picture to upload of Chris and Patty. Have lots of nice pictures from Hawaii I will share someday.

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The Hartleys said...

Follow these instructions:

Download the image from your camera to your computer.

Go to your blog and select "New Post"

When the new post window comes up, make sure you have chosen the "Compose" tab (at the top right hand side of the little window you type text into).

Click on the little icon in the toolbar attached to the little window you type text into. It's the third from the right edge, and looks like a photo.

This should open an upload images window. Use the left most option, to upload a picture from a file on your computer. Just click the grey browse button and navigate around until you find the picture you want to upload. I recommend putting a copy of the picture you want to upload on your desktop or in some other easy to get to place.

Then click Upload Image. It should put that image into your text box, and you can post it then.

Call me tomorrow if you have trouble and need a better walk through.