Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Survey

Christmas Survey

Getting Ready

Do You Look Forward to Christmas?: Always

Do You Prefer Real or Fake trees?: Real

Which Do You Have?: Fake, have you seen a fir tree in Southern Arizona?

Do You Hang a Wreath?: Always made door swag out of bottom branches of real tree.

Do You Hang Lights On Your House?: Not always

Do You Play Christmas Music?: Yes, its Thanksgiving so I can start today

Do You Hang Stockings?: No

Do You Get Ornaments Every Year Like Hallmark Ornaments?: Did for kids when they were at home

Do You Hang Mistletoe?: Have in past

Do You Put Candy Canes On Your Tree?: No

Do You Use a Tinsel Garland or Strands of Tinsel?: yes


Christmas Candy: Chocolate covered mountians my Dad always bought,
can only find out Vermont Country Store now and they don't taste near as good at $19.95 lb.

Christmas Cookie: Any homemade

Holiday Food: Turkey & Dressing

Holiday Dessert: Pumpkin Pie

Holiday Drink: None really

Candy Cane Flavor: Origional peppermint

Santa's Reindeer: Rudolph

Christmas Carol: Any Statler Brothers Song

Christmas Movie: None

Christmas Color: Blue & Silver

Christmas Activity: Getting together with family and friends.

Do You Believe In Santa?: Yes

Do You Like Fruitcake?: No

Do You Like Eggnog?: No

Do You Go Caroling?: Have you heard me sing!!

Do You Drive Around and Look at the Christmas Lights?: Yes

Do You Do Christmas Baking?: Not as much as in the past.

Ham or Turkey for Christmas Dinner?: Turkey...if the crowds big enough ham also.

Do You Set Out Cookies for Santa?: No

Do You Leave Carrots for Santa's Reindeer?: No

Do You Have a Family Christmas Dinner?: Have in past

Do You Read T'was The Night Before Christmas Every Year?: No

Do You Open a Present on Christmas Eve?: Eve, always went to parents house Christmas Day.

Do You get Photos Taken With Santa?: No

Do You Go To Holiday Parties?: Sometimes

You Host a Holiday Party?: Seldom

Do You Prefer to Give or Receive?: Give

Do You Drink Hot Chocolate?: Yes

Marshmallows or Whipped Cream?: Whipped Cream

Do You Send Christmas Cards?: Yes

Would You Want a White Christmas?: In Arizona, get real.

What Do You Do On Christmas Eve?: Usually stay at home now

Do You Have Any Special Family traditions?: All have changed since parents passed away in 1999

How Early Do You Wake Up on Christmas Morning?: Same as usual, about 6-7 am

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