Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Don saw doctor yesterday. Doctor was very pleased with his progress. He can now go without the sling at home, lift 25 lbs with both hands, take shower, and is to have physical therapy 3 x wk for 6 wks. Well when we went to make the appointment the company is changing billers and can not accept Medicare patients...this is a company that has 3 offices in Yuma. So got recommendations from friends we know who have used therapy in town and he will be able to start a week from today. (Remember when we were young and were getting recommendations for babysitters not doctors and therapist!)
It is staying about 110 to 114 here during the days. I and two other women use the pool for about an hour (walking/talking/moving) about 9:30a daily. It is usually
80ish by 7am so walking is not really comfortable.

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