Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Marine Base Tour

Just returned from a tour of the Marine Base here in Yuma. About 50 from our park were able to spend 2+ hours asking questions, looking at planes and etc. First visited a squadron and see the repairs doing on planes. Then we were bussed to another squadron which flies the planes to train the others on fighting. (They were the BlackSheep and play the "bad guys", our spokesperson said he flew about 3 time a day, each one had about 30 min of briefing, then 1 hr flying and 30 min debriefing. Really enjoyed it.
Park is really getting full now. Lots of activities going on. Took Trudy with us to the tour then out to lunch/dinner at Cocopah casino. Not bad I made $5. She made $6. and Don only lost about $10 (plus buying dinner). It has been a cool fall/winter for Yuma. Highs mostly in 60's with a low 70 sent in every couple weeks. My 3 pair of long pants are getting washed, worn and washed again. Yes I could go for a 115 day again..

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