Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wheeeew what a day.....

I am working full time for 2 1/2 weeks while the lead worker in our office visits family. Had to reconsile the Master Card the manager uses to make purchases, get the electric bills out, then about 3:30pm two very nice looking young ladies walk in and say, hello we are the auditors.
Well I call the offsite manager to notify him (he has been our manager for about a year) our office manager of about a year left 2 months ago to manage another park so there is only Cyndi (the lead worker) and I left in our office. Cyndi has had some extra time lately so has gone through things and "organized" and purged them.
Quite a few things they were looking for I nor the manager were able to produce. Then they asked to have me open the safe...! Well the ex office manager had changed proceedure and money collected for ice, fax or copies was put in a envalope and "stuff" was paid out of it. (I had said it needed to be posted like we had previously done but she said NO.) Well it is biting us. Then we take a deposit for a mail box key (returning it when people leave and turn in key) again auditors said no can do, but in the past two audits I have been through we explained and got it okayed. No longer so I have to post all the money tomarrow. Then they found an envelope with $1. no label nothing..try to explaine that.
Tomarrow is another day and it will be better...but why did I take my vacation last month ago.

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