Sunday, March 18, 2007

Farwell Dinner

Each year the park has a farwell dinner, this year we were asked to help prepare and serve the meal. It also seems each year we have more people staying later. The count for people attending was 250. So at 9am we joined 3 other couples in the kitchen to rechop cabbage, weight sliced ham in 4 1/2 oz piles. Slice 260 rolls and make ham and cheese sandwiches, each wrapped in foil. We got this all finished by 11am.
Roger and Linda Putzler arrived from Phoenix (they spend a week watching spring traing ball games and visiting this time of year.)He is calling the Yuma Festival next Feburary so we had set up a lunch meeting with the chairman Hope Amberg and Al Westfall a committee member. After lunch we took Roger & Linda to the Convention Center to see what the halls would look like. After a short visit at home they left and we went to the activity room to help serve dinner. We were able to serve 250 people the sandwich and cole slaw in 24 min.
That evening a bunch (12-14) met around the pool and we learned a new game. Each anty up 3 nickles. You roll dice that have either a dot, R, L or C. You roll only as many dice as you have nickles (up to 3) if you get dot you keep nickle, C you put one in pot, R pass one right, L pass one left. You are never out of the game till there is only one nickle left. That person gets all that have been put in the pot. Lots of fun, with time to talk and we spent the whole evening for less than a dollar.
Today Don is going to the End of Season square dance at the center. I am going with a number of other women in the park to "Old Town" Historic Yuma Theatre to see "Dublin's Traditional Irish Cabaret" We really enjoy the programs the city has at the Theatre.

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